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What is a citation generator?

Getting citations and reference lists correctly done can be very confusing and time-consuming. A citation generator (also called citation maker) can help you with this task. A citation generator is a program that creates citations for you with some information that you provide (like author, title, publication date, or simply a link).

A good citation and bibliography maker needs to be simple, easy to use, and create accurate citations, so make sure to find the right tool.


How can using a citation generator help you?

Using a good and reliable citation app can help you save time and improve your grades. Instead of wasting time and energy by manually citing sources, you can focus on the actual content of your work and don't have to worry about losing points for careless spelling or punctuation mistakes in your citations. A citation generator can help you create accurate citations in APA, MLA, Harvard, or hundreds of other citation styles.


Is it okay to use a citation generator?

It is absolutely ok to use a citation generator. Use it responsibly - many citation tools that are out there don't give you full or accurate citations. Using a citation and bibliography generator also doesn't mean you don't have to make sure you credit sources properly and don't plagiarize. A citation generator can only work with the correct information that you provide.

Top 20 free citation generators

Check out the top 20 most commonly used free citation generators:

apa book image

1. APA citation generator

The APA style, developed by the American Psychological Association, is most likely the most popular citation style overall. The APA citation style uses in-text citations and a reference list. Both can be created with just a click with BibGuru's APA citation generator.

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2. MLA citation generator

The MLA citation style was developed by the Modern Language Association of America. The MLA style has been widely adopted by scholars across the world. The MLA style uses parenthetical citations in-text (author, page) linked to a corresponding works cited page with all literature used in text.

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3. Harvard citation generator

The Harvard style is one of the most widely used citation styles in the world, mostly due to its simplicity. The Harvard citation style uses the author-date system for in-text citations, which means the author's last name and the year of publication in round brackets are placed within the text. A reference list outlines all the sources directly cited in the work.

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4. Chicago citation generator

The Chicago format was developed by the University of Chicago Press. The Chicago style offers authors a choice between two formats. In the notes and bibliography system, sources are cited in numbered footnotes or endnotes in the text and listed in a separate bibliography. The author-date system consists of in-text citations and a reference list.

turabian book image

5. Turabian citation generator

The Turabian citation style is the same as the Chicago style, except a few minor differences. Just like the Chicago style, the Turabian style comes in two varieties: the author-date and notes and bibliography system.

ama book image

6. AMA citation generator

AMA stands for American Medical Association. The AMA style is widely used, not just in medicine and health fields, but also in many other fields, journals, and textbooks. The AMA style uses superscript arabic numerals for references in-text, and requires you to place a list of all cited references at the end of the document.

cse book image

7. CSE citation generator

The CSE style was developed by the Council of Science Editors. The CSE style has three systems to cite sources, the Name-Year (N-Y) system, the Citation-Name (C-N) system, and the Citation-Sequence (C-S) system. Regardless of which system your institution requires, BibGuru will help you get the fastest and most accurate citations for the CSE style with our CSE citation generator.

asa book image

8. ASA citation generator

ASA stands for American Sociological Association. The ASA style uses the author-date system for in-text citations (parenthetical referencing style) and a complete list of references cited at the end of an article, before any appendices. Use the BibGuru ASA citation generator to create ASA citations with just a few clicks.

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9. ACS citation generator

The ACS style was developed by the American Chemical Society for academic writing in chemistry. The ACS style uses both numbered and author-date citation systems and references can be cited in three ways. BibGuru can help you create accurate citations in all ACS systems.

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10. Vancouver citation generator

The Vancouver citation style is a numeric citation system used in biomedical, health and some science publications. It uses numbers within the text that refer to numbered entries in the reference list. Try the BibGuru citation generator to create fast and accurate citations in the Vancouver style.

apsa book image

11. APSA citation generator

The APSA style (short for American Political Science Association), in most instances, follows the guidelines from the Chicago Manual of Style. While the Chicago style entails two separate citation styles, the notes and bibliography style, and the author-date style, APSA employs only the author-date style, including a reference list at the end of your paper.

doi book image

12. DOI citation generator

DOI stands for digital object identifier and is a string of numbers, letters, and symbols used to uniquely identify an article and document and link it to the web. How you cite a DOI depends on the citation style you use. Many citation styles, including APA or MLA ask you to include the DOI at the end of your citation in the bibliography.

ieee book image

13. IEEE citation generator

IEEE stands for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The IEEE style includes in-text citations, numbered in square brackets, referring to a full citation in the reference at the end of your paper.

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14. GSA citation generator

The GSA style was developed by the Geological Society of America (GSA). The GSA provides citation guidelines and examples on their website. GSA citations consist of two parts, in-text citations and a reference list (named 'References Cited').

isbn book image

15. ISBN citation generator

An ISBN, or International Standard Book Number, is a numeric commercial book identifier, which is a number unique for every book. With BibGuru, you can automatically create a citation in thousands of different citation styles just entering the ISBN of your book.

ama book image

16. JAMA citation generator

JAMA stands for Journal of the American Medical Association and the citation style was created by the AMA. It uses superscript arabic numerals for references in-text, e.g. ^1 numbered in consecutive order. A reference list with full citations is included at the end of the document. The reference list must be in numerical order to reflect the order of the in-text citations.

knisley book image

17. Knisley citation generator

The Knisley citation style is based on a student handbook written by Karin Knisley. She basically recommends using the CSE style. More precisely, she recommends the Name-Year system, as it has the advantage that people working in the field will know the literature, and on seeing the authors' names, will understand the reference without having to check the reference list.

mhra book image

18. MHRA citation generator

MHRA stands for Modern Humanities Research Association. This referencing style is mainly used in arts and humanities. To cite sources in your text, you use numbers to denote a citation (instead of naming authors in the text). These numbers are linked to a full reference in footnotes (or endnotes) and in your bibliography.

newspaper illustration

19. Newspaper citation generator

How to cite a newspaper depends on the citation style you use. You never have to worry about getting your newspaper citations wrong with BibGuru. Use our BibGuru citation generator to create the fastest and most accurate citations possible.

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20. SAA citation generator

The Society for American Archaeology (SAA) citation style is the preferred citation style for the academic journals published by the SAA, and their citation guidelines can be found online. The SAA citation style works with in-text citations and a References Cited page.

History of citation generators

Citation generators and bibliography makers have been around for almost 20 years. Some are able to cite certain source types automatically, while others require you to enter all data by hand. Below we have compiled a list of the first-generation citation generators for you to compare.

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Source TypesAds
Citation Machine
Cite This For Me
KnightCite University17-29Yes
NCSU Citation Builder

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