About BibGuru

Our secret: Research and experience

BibGuru is developed by the team at Paperpile. Founded in 2013 by former researchers from MIT, Paperpile is a full-fledged reference management solution used by tens of thousands of researchers worldwide.

With BibGuru, we bring the unique experience of our company to K12 and undergrad students.

Our goals

As part of a two year research project funded by the Austrian government, we have developed new algorithms and data processing techniques with a focus on:

  • User experience and speed: Creating a bibliography does not need to feel like a chore. BibGuru is intuitive, fast and fun like other modern consumer apps students use on a daily basis.
  • Data quality: BibGuru uses its own curated database of 100 million journal articles and 30 million books. It extracts high quality bibliographic data from thousands of publisher web sites, library catalogs, research databases, online newspapers and social media sites.
  • Citation accuracy: Citation guidelines like APA or Chicago are complex. We’ve translated every rule of those guidelines one-by-one into algorithms to provide the most accurate computer generated citations to date.

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