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Are you looking for a citation generator where you do not need to enter data manually? We've got you covered.

Noodletools ( is a citation generator that generates APA and MLA citations, but it requires you to enter all data manually.

In fact, there are several online bibliography makers that produce APA and MLA reference lists just like NoodleTools.

BibGuru is a NoodleTools (and NoodleTools Express) alternative that allows you to generate a references list or works cited page.

Here are some BibGuru features you will enjoy

🚀 Fast

BibGuru strives to be the fastest bibliography generator out there giving you time to focus on the why and what to cite instead of how to cite.

😌 Completely ad-free

BibGuru is a completely ad-free bibliography maker!

👌 Simple and intuitive interface

BibGuru has a simple and intuitive interface, and you can copy your references directly into your paper.

🥇 No manual entering of citation data

Our magic autocite feature gives you all the citation data you need to generate a bibliography entry! BibGuru is powered by its own curated database of more than 100 million journal articles and 35 million books.

🎓 APA, MLA, Chicago and thousands of other citation styles

Whether you need a bibliography for APA or a works cited page for MLA, BibGuru has got you covered.


🎖 Is BibGuru a FREE alternative to NoodleTools?

Yes! You can use all BibGuru features for free. You do not even need to register for an account.

🛠 What is NoodleTools Express?

NoodleTools Express is a free citation generator that does, however, not support exporting your bibliography nor saving your references in a project.

🖊 Can I export to Word or Google Docs?

Yes, you can download a Microsoft Word file of your bibliography, which you can open both in MS Word and Google Docs.

🧙‍♂️ Does BibGuru have an autocite feature?

Yes! Just enter a few key words of the work you want to cite and BibGuru will do its magic and fetch all the citation data automatically for you.

📚 Can I import my NoodleTools generated bibliography?

Not yet, but we are working on an easy method that allows users to transfer their NoodleTools generated bibliographies to BibGuru.

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