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In a world of fake news and plagiarism, digital literacy matters more than ever. Enable your students to collect and cite all their sources with confidence.

With BibGuru your students will be able to

  • Organize all their sources systematically for more structured papers
  • Create accurate citations, bibliographies and works cited lists in all common citation styles like APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, Vancouver or your in-house university style.
  • Save valuable time and focus on what really matters: finding quality sources, properly give credit to sources and understand their relevance (rather than wasting time on manual data entry or complex citation rules).

Get all the benefits for your school with Campus connect

BibGuru is free and your students can start using it right away.

Our free campus connect program offers additional benefits for your school or university in exchange for your insights and feedback.

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Benefits for campus connect members:

  • All existing and future BibGuru features free forever for all students, staff, educators, and alumni
  • Personal one-on-one support for educators and librarians
  • Support via chat and community forum for all students
  • Training materials
  • Marketing materials like posters, T-shirts and give-aways
  • Custom citation styles for your university and integrations (e.g. support for library catalog or LMS)

What is your role in the campus connect program?

  • Introduce students and educators to BibGuru at your school or university.
  • Add a LibGuide or info page if you have a library website.
  • Help us learn to better understand the problems and challenges of students writing and citing at different stages in their curricula.
  • Help us discuss and test new features as they become available.
  • Provide feedback from an educator's perspective: How can we better integrate BibGuru with your school, university or library resources?

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