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BibGuru is the fastest and most accurate way to make citations for your essay.

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Ditch the frustrations for stress-free citations

Have you tried other citation and bibliography generators?

Then you know how annoying it is when the citations are incomplete or just wrong. You’ve been frustrated by their slow, ugly websites. And you’ve accidentally clicked the ads that fill the page.

BibGuru has none of that. Here's what makes BibGuru your better choice:

Easy-to-use... and did we mention it’s fast?

Citing a website? Drop the URL in and BibGuru cites it in seconds.

Citing a book? Search the title and then click the citation that matches what you need.

Citing an article? Just search the title or author and we’ll pull it right up for you. You won’t believe how quick and easy it is.

Stay focused: no flood of distracting ads

BibGuru wants you to keep your focus on your citations and nothing else!

Don’t lose points for careless mistakes

Don’t worry about losing points on your grade because you spelled something wrong or made a mistake with punctuation.

BibGuru takes care of all of that for you. Just imagine a team of robots working day and night to find the latest, accurate citations for all the sources out there.

That’s what BibGuru does for you. To date, our database contains more than 100 million journal articles and 35 million books.

APA, MLA, Chicago and many other citation styles

Whether you need a bibliography for APA or a works cited page for MLA, BibGuru has got you covered.

Our team has double-checked every rule of those referencing guidelines to make sure BibGuru provides the most accurate computer generated citations to date.

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