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Are you looking for a citation service that allows you to generate APA and MLA citations? We've got you covered.

KnightCite ( is a citation generator that allows you to generate citations in APA, MLA, and Chicago. In fact, there are now several online citation generators that produce APA and MLA bibliographies just like KnightCite, and some can even fetch the citation data automatically. Yes, that's right: there are KnightCite alternatives that can save you a lot of time!

BibGuru is a KnightCite alternative that allows you to generate an APA reference list or an MLA works cited page.

Here are some BibGuru feature you will enjoy

🚀 Fast

BibGuru strives to be the fastest citation generator out there giving you time to focus on the why and what to cite instead of how to cite.

😌 No flood of distracting ads

BibGuru wants you to keep your focus on your citations and nothing else!

👌 Simple and intuitive interface

BibGuru has a simple and intuitive interface, and you can copy your references directly into your paper and create a bibliography.

🥇 No need for manually entering citation data

The accuracy of your citations has an impact on your grade. BibGuru is powered by its own curated database of more than 100 million journal articles and 35 million books.

🎓 More citation styles than KnightCite

Whether you need a bibliography for APA (both 6th edition and 7th edition) or a works cited page for MLA, BibGuru has got you covered. BibGuru supports more than 8,000 citation styles!


📝 Does BibGuru support the same citation styles KnightCite does?

Yes, APA, MLA, and Chicago are fully supported. BibGuru also supports the new APA 7th edition (released October 2019) as well Harvard, IEEE, AMA, ACS, and thousands more of journal and university specific citation styles.

🎉 Does BibGuru also offer a free account?

Yes, you can sign up for a free BibGuru account to save your collected references.

🖊 Which export formats does BibGuru offer?

Yes, you can download a Word (.docx) file of your bibliography or simply copy and paste to Word directly. BibGuru also offers export as RIS and BibTeX files that can be used to transfer data to other reference managers.

📔 Which resource types can be cited with BibGuru?

In total it is more than 70 different reference types including books, book chapters, research articles, and conference papers that are supported in BibGuru.

📚 Can BibGuru also cite web pages?

Sure, just paste the URL into BibGuru and it will fetch all the data automatically for you.

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