How to cite a Reddit post in MLA

MLA Reddit post citation

To cite a Reddit post in a reference entry in MLA style 8th edition include the following elements:

  1. Screen name: Give online screen names as presented in the source (e.g. @michelleobama).
  2. Title of Reddit post thread: Titles are italicized when independent. If part of a larger source add quotation marks and do not italize.
  3. Date of posting: Give the day, month and year of publication. All months, excluding June and July, are abbreviated as three letters (e.g. 9 Aug. 2019.)
  4. URL: Copy URL in full from your browser, omit http:// or https:// and do not list URLs created by shortening services.
  5. Date of access: Give the the day, month and year of retrieval.

Here is the basic format for a reference list entry of a Reddit post in MLA style 8th edition:

Screen name. "Title of Reddit post thread." Reddit, Date of posting, URL. Accessed Date of access.

Take a look at our works cited examples that demonstrate the MLA style guidelines in action:


A Reddit post from an unknown user

HiinXCVIII. "Fantastic view from google earth." Reddit, 24 Sep. 2018, Accessed 7 Apr. 2019.

An unknown user's question on Reddit

SoulK007. "How are you supposed to cite a reddit post in APA or MLA?." Reddit, 9 Dec. 2018, Accessed 8 June 2019.

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