BibGuru - the best Mendeley alternative for Students


BibGuru is great for undergrad and high-school students.

Check out Paperpile instead, if you are looking for an advanced reference manager with Word plugin, Mobile apps, ...

Creating a reference list should not be a chore. With BibGuru it’s easy and intuitive.

Cite websites, books, articles, ...

Mendeley ( is not only a reference manager but also a social network for scientists. For those who simply seek to generate a reference list, Mendeley's features and additional services can just be a bit too much. Don't waste your time to learn how to fully master Mendeley, when there is BibGuru - a citation and reference manager so easy to use that there is no learning curve at all.

Here's what makes BibGuru the best Mendeley alternative out there:

🚀 Faster than Mendeley

BibGuru strives to be the fastest referencing generator out there giving you time to focus on the why and what to cite instead of how to cite.

💻 No installation required

BibGuru works everywhere: PC, Mac, tablet, and phone. No install of a heavy desktop-app!

👌 Simple and intuitive interface in comparison to Mendeley

Creating a reference list doesn't need to feel like a chore. BibGuru is as simple and intuitive as it can get. You can copy your references directly into your paper or download a readily formatted Word file.

🥇 Most accurate bibliographic data

The accuracy of your citations has an impact on your grade. Our tools run day and night polishing the metadata of millions of books and research articles to give you the most accurate citations possible. BibGuru is powered by a curated database of more than 100 million journal articles and 35 million books.

🎓 APA, Harvard, and thousands of other referencing styles

Whether you need a reference list in APA or Harvard, BibGuru has got you covered. Our team has double-checked every rule of those referencing guidelines to make sure BibGuru provides the most accurate computer-generated citations to date.

The gist: why BibGuru is the best Mendeley alternative

  • It's fast - giving you time to focus on your work
  • Works on all your devices
  • As simple and intuitive as it can get
  • Thousands of referencing styles
  • Spend less time hunting down missing bibliographic data


📝 Does BibGuru support as many referencing styles as Mendeley?

That's a clear YES! BibGuru supports all frequently used citation styles including APA (6th and 7th edition), MLA, Harvard, Chicago, IEEE, AMA, ACS and thousands more of journal and university specific referencing styles.

🎉 Is BibGuru also free to use like Mendeley?

Yes, you can use all features of BibGuru for free. Happy referencing!

🖊 Can I export my bibliography to Microsoft Word?

Yes, you can download a Word (.docx) file of your bibliography or simply copy and paste to Word directly. And you can do all that even on your mobile phone!

📚 Does BibGuru offer a web importer?

Not yet, but we are working on this feature and it's going to be great: instant referencing in your browser tab!

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