How to cite a graph in MLA

MLA graph citation

It is common practice to cite the work the graph has been published in and provide the page number in the in-text citation. In case the graph has not been published in a journal article, book, or book chapter, but is rather found online take a look at our MLA photo citation guides below.

MLA citation format for a graph

Take a look at our works cited examples that demonstrate the MLA style guidelines in action:


Graph citation from a digital source

Masoud, Carla. Social media usage in young adults. 2017. Psych Publish,

Graph citation from a book

Devito, Roberto. Cheese consumption in the USA. Chicago Publishing, 2021.

How to do an in-text citation for a graph in MLA

When citing a graph in-text using the MLA style, you'll use the surname of the creator followed by the page number in parentheses.

In practice, you can expect your graph's in-text citation to be in this format (Author, Page Number).


If you were to cite a graph from a book, the graph should be cited in-text using the creator's name, along with the corresponding year of publication.

Citation of a graph from a book on page 193

Survey showed that 80% of high-school students were sleep-deprived(Eid, 193).

If the creator is not mentioned, you can place the graph's title or description instead.

Citation of a graph from a source with no creator

Zinc was found to be one of the most prevalent heavy metals in the Nile River("Levels of heavy metals in the Nile River", 198).

If the graph is found online, do not list a page number.

Citation of a graph found online

It is estimated that 60% of start-ups go bankrupt in the first 10 years(Eid).

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