How to cite a video game in Harvard

Harvard video game citation

To cite a video game in a reference entry in Harvard style include the following elements:

  1. Rightsholder of the video game: Give the name of the entity or individual that owns the rights of the game. If there is no rightsholder, place the title first followed by a version number, if available.
  2. Year of release: Give the year in round brackets.
  3. Title of Game: Give the title in italics, capitalizing all initial letters. Include edition if relevant.
  4. Publisher: Give the name of the publisher.

Here is the basic format for a reference list entry of a video game in Harvard style:

Rightsholder of the video game. (Year of release) Title of Game [Video game]. Publisher.

Take a look at our reference list examples that demonstrate the Harvard style guidelines in action:


A video game by an individual rightsholder

Amaya, D. (2004) Cave Story [Video game]. Nicalis.

A video game by an organization

Epic Games (2017) Fortnite: Battle Royale [Video game]. Epic Games.

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