How to cite a UN report in APA

APA UN report citation

To cite a UN report in a reference entry in APA style 6th edition include the following elements:

  1. Author(s) of the UN report: Give the last name and initials (e. g. Watson, J. D.) of up to seven authors with the last name preceded by an ampersand (&). For eight or more authors include the first six names followed by an ellipsis (…) and add the last author's name.
  2. Year of publication: Give the year in brackets followed by a full stop.
  3. Title of the UN report: Only the first letter of the first word and proper nouns are capitalized.
  4. Report number: Give the number of the report preceded by 'Report No.'
  5. Place of publication: List the city and the US state using the two-letter abbreviation. Spell out country names if outside of the UK or the USA.
  6. Publisher: Give the name of the publisher but omit terms, such as Publishers, Co., and Inc. Retain the words Books and Press.

Here is the basic format for a reference list entry of a UN report in APA style 6th edition:

Author(s) of the UN report. (Year of publication). Title of the UN report (Report No. Report number). Place of publication: Publisher.

APA reference list examples

Take a look at our reference list examples that demonstrate the APA style guidelines for a UN report citation in action:


A UN report with one author

Tauli-Corpuz, V. (2016). Report of the special rapporteur of the human rights council on the rights of indigenous peoples (Report No. A/71/229). New York, NY: United Nations.

A UNDP report

United Nations Development Programme. (2019). Bhutan national human development report: Ten years of democracy in Bhutan. Thimphu, BT: UNDP.

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