Tips for revising a research paper

You’ve finished writing your research paper and you’re ready to revise, but where do you start? This post offers six tips for ensuring that your revision process goes smoothly.

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How to prepare for a research consultation with a librarian (6 tips)

Research consultations are meetings with librarians that provide students with specific research assistance. Whether you're stuck in your research or need help getting started, research consultations are excellent venues for asking specific questions and gathering expert advice. This post offers 6 tips for how to prepare for a research consultation with a librarian.

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How to do a class presentation (11 steps)

The best class presentations combine strong content and visuals with an engaging presentation style. This post offers 11 steps for creating memorable and high-performing class presentations.

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Tips for integrating quotes into a research paper (7 tips)

What are the best strategies for integrating quotes into your research paper? This post offers 7 tips for using evidence effectively.

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How to study for a test

As a high school senior or university undergrad, there’s one thing you probably have to deal with often - and we’re not talking about the challenge of resisting eating spicy cheese snacks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What we’re referring to is tests - that unavoidable academic challenge that requires us to prove we’ve actually been going to class all semester.

All jokes aside, figuring out how to best study for a test in order to get the highest possible grade can be challenging. That’s why we’ve compiled eleven of the best study tips for you in this article. Follow them and you should be less stressed, better prepared, and set up for ultimate success on your next exam.

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