APA Running Head

If you're wondering what a running head in APA is and how to create one, this article will answer all your questions.

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How to write an annotated bibliography in Chicago style

Writing an annotated bibliography is common to university students. Professors will test student’s ability to research different sources and create a brief account of each source. Depending on the lecturer’s demands, the bibliography can be a single assignment or part of a bigger project. You may need to evaluate research sources or analyze them with supporting arguments.

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What is an annotated bibliography

An annotated bibliography can be thought of as a summary of the research that is available on any given topic. Writing an annotated bibliography is a common task given to university students and tests their ability to research different sources, create a brief account of each one, and evaluate its merit compared to other examples.

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What citation style to use for literature

You'll typically encounter multiple citation styles as a student or researcher. Individual subjects, or disciplines, often employ distinct styles. This post looks at the most common citation styles used by students and researchers of literature. We help you get to know each style and provide reference examples so that you can start—or finish—your paper successfully.

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What is a parenthetical citation

Knowing how to handle parenthetical citations is a key skill that students and researchers need to master. This citation format, also sometimes referred to as an in-text citation, comes into play whenever you need to directly quote or paraphrase someone’s work in your essay or research paper.

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