Citation styles with numbers [Updated 2023]

Citation styles can take many forms, like author-date, author-page, footnotes, numeric, etc. In this post, we discuss the most frequently used citation formats with numbers and provide examples of references in each style.

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What is an annotated bibliography [Updated 2023]

Annotated bibliographies are often assigned in high school and college writing classes. In this blog post, we discuss what an annotated bibliography is and how to write one.

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How to write an annotated bibliography in Chicago style [Updated 2023]

A Chicago annotated bibliography includes citations for the sources you are using and an annotation summarizing and/or evaluating each source. In this article, we define what an annotated bibliography is and offer tips for formatting one in Chicago style. We also include a Chicago citation example and a sample annotation.

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Works cited vs bibliography

How do you know when to label your references “works cited” or “bibliography”? Is a works cited page for MLA or APA? In this blog post, we discuss the differences between works cited pages and bibliographies. As always, you should ask your instructor which style to use for your assignment.

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APA Running Head

If you're wondering what a running head in APA is and how to create one, this article will answer all your questions.

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