What is a flipped classroom?

In traditional learning, students acquire first-exposure knowledge on the subject matter in the classroom. They’re then sent away to analyze, process, and synthesize the learning with homework.

In a flipped classroom, also known as an inverted classroom, this happens the other way around. Students review lecture materials before class at home, often via technology. They then use their time in the classroom to apply concepts and ideas through interaction with their peers and teachers.

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What citation style to use for computer science

Computer science is one of those subjects that it can be difficult to imagine citing sources for, especially as a budding programmer. Still, students in this field are subject to the same rules of citation as other avenues of academic study and that will include giving credit to other authors where credit is due.

In this complete style guide, we'll be taking a closer look at the citation styles commonly used by computer science students.

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What citation style to use for philosophy

Describing the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and conscious existence,  philosophy is a popular academic discipline with those that like to ask: ”Why?”

The problem is there is another question affecting philosophy students, and that is “What?”. As in, what citation style should be used for philosophical essays? Philosophy is a university subject that comes with a lot of reading, and it's essential to handle citations correctly to maintain your academic integrity.

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What citation style to use for political science

Political science is a popular field with students today but handling citations for them in a write up like a report or essay can be challenging. There are many different types of sources needed to support arguments, pose counterpoints and provide key frameworks that can dictate the overall success of the assignment.

We compiled a list of the main citation styles used in the political science field:

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What citation style to use for sociology

Knowing which referencing style to use for sociology papers and research can prove to be confusing. A simple Google search brings up multiple different citation styles, each slightly different from the last - so how do you know which one to make use of?

Firstly, it’s important to pay attention to the referencing style preferred by the sociological department at your university. This is likely to be given to you in a marking rubric or told to you by a lecturer at the beginning of the course.

Because the requirements can differ from university to university, we’ve put together this full guide to knowing what citation style to use for sociology:

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