How to prepare for a research consultation with a librarian (6 tips)

Research consultations are meetings with librarians that provide students with specific research assistance. Whether you're stuck in your research or need help getting started, research consultations are excellent venues for asking specific questions and gathering expert advice. This post offers 6 tips for how to prepare for a research consultation with a librarian.

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BibGuru now supports Clever Single Sign-On

Teachers and students can now sign in to BibGuru using Clever's single sign-on system. This integration eliminates the need for students to maintain a separate login for BibGuru's engaging and easy-to-use features. BibGuru also continues to support sign-in via Google and Facebook.

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How to do a class presentation (11 steps)

The best class presentations combine strong content and visuals with an engaging presentation style. This post offers 11 steps for creating memorable and high-performing class presentations.

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Tips for integrating quotes into a research paper (7 tips)

What are the best strategies for integrating quotes into your research paper? This post offers 7 tips for using evidence effectively.

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How to write a critical analysis

Unlike the name implies a critical analysis does not necessarily mean that you are only exploring what is wrong with a piece of work. Instead, the purpose of this type of essay is to interact with and understand a text. Here’s what you need to know to create a well-written critical analysis essay.

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