BibGuru now has a browser shortcut helping you save time and taking you directly to our free citation generator. Learn more about Google's browser shortcuts and how to use them here.

We fully support anything that makes your life easier and helps you save time with your work. And we are committed to helping you get to your accurate citation as fast as possible.

That's why BibGuru has a browser shortcut now,, which is easy to remember and takes you directly to the BibGuru citation generator without any in between steps. It works on all browsers and also on mobile devices.

12 browser shortcuts to become a super productive student

We have put together a list of the best .new shortcuts for students and educators

Browser shortcuts backstory

In 2018, Google introduced handy new shortcuts for G Suite (now Google Workspace) apps users. By simply typing a keyword plus ".new" right in the browser address bar, users are able to quickly open a Google Doc, Sheet or Slide. This lets users skip steps and save time when trying to open and work on a new document from G Suite.

Then, last year, Google announced that they will allow other websites to register a ".new" domain. Since then, many companies, including Spotify, Github, eBay, Adobe, Wordpress or Medium have their own easy-to-remember shortcuts.

If you want to learn more about Google's .new links and shortcuts, you can do it here.


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