How to cite the R package tidyverse

tidyverse is a popular R package that is available at By citing R packages in your paper you lay the grounds for others to be able to reproduce your analysis and secondly you are acknowledging the time and work people have spent creating the package.

APA citation

Formatted according to the APA Publication Manual 7th edition. Simply copy it to the References page as is.


The minimal requirement is to cite the R package in text along with the version number. Additionally, you can include the reference list entry the authors of the tidyverse package have suggested.

Example of an in-text citation

Analysis of the data was done using the tidyverse package (v1.3.0; Wickham et al., 2019).

Reference list entry

Wickham, H., Averick, M., Bryan, J., Chang, W., McGowan, L., François, R., Grolemund, G., Hayes, A., Henry, L., Hester, J., Kuhn, M., Pedersen, T., Miller, E., Bache, S., Müller, K., Ooms, J., Robinson, D., Seidel, D., Spinu, V., … Yutani, H. (2019). Welcome to the tidyverse. Journal of Open Source Software, 4(43), 1686.

Vancouver citation

Formatted according to Vancouver style. Simply copy it to the references section as is.


Example of an in-text citation

Analysis of the data was done using the tidyverse package v1.3.0 (1).

Reference list entry

Wickham H, Averick M, Bryan J, Chang W, McGowan L, François R, et al. Welcome to the tidyverse. J Open Source Softw. 2019 Nov 21;4(43):1686.


Reference entry in BibTeX format. Simply copy it to your favorite citation manager.

  title     = "Welcome to the tidyverse",
  author    = "Wickham, Hadley and Averick, Mara and Bryan, Jennifer and Chang,
               Winston and McGowan, Lucy and Fran{\c c}ois, Romain and
               Grolemund, Garrett and Hayes, Alex and Henry, Lionel and Hester,
               Jim and Kuhn, Max and Pedersen, Thomas and Miller, Evan and
               Bache, Stephan and M{\"u}ller, Kirill and Ooms, Jeroen and
               Robinson, David and Seidel, Dana and Spinu, Vitalie and
               Takahashi, Kohske and Vaughan, Davis and Wilke, Claus and Woo,
               Kara and Yutani, Hiroaki",
  journal   = "J. Open Source Softw.",
  publisher = "The Open Journal",
  volume    =  4,
  number    =  43,
  pages     = "1686",
  month     =  nov,
  year      =  2019,
  url       = "",
  copyright = "",
  issn      = "2475-9066",
  doi       = "10.21105/joss.01686"


Reference entry in RIS format. Simply copy it to your favorite citation manager.

AU  - Wickham, Hadley
AU  - Averick, Mara
AU  - Bryan, Jennifer
AU  - Chang, Winston
AU  - McGowan, Lucy
AU  - François, Romain
AU  - Grolemund, Garrett
AU  - Hayes, Alex
AU  - Henry, Lionel
AU  - Hester, Jim
AU  - Kuhn, Max
AU  - Pedersen, Thomas
AU  - Miller, Evan
AU  - Bache, Stephan
AU  - Müller, Kirill
AU  - Ooms, Jeroen
AU  - Robinson, David
AU  - Seidel, Dana
AU  - Spinu, Vitalie
AU  - Takahashi, Kohske
AU  - Vaughan, Davis
AU  - Wilke, Claus
AU  - Woo, Kara
AU  - Yutani, Hiroaki
TI  - Welcome to the tidyverse
T2  - J. Open Source Softw.
VL  - 4
IS  - 43
SP  - 1686
PY  - 2019
DA  - 2019/11/21
PB  - The Open Journal
SN  - 2475-9066
DO  - 10.21105/joss.01686
UR  -
ER  - 

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