Free Citation Machine alternative: fast, accurate, and ad-free

Creating citations should not be a chore. With BibGuru it’s easy and intuitive.

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Citation Machine ( is a citation generator that does the job but is plastered with ads, which can give the feeling that it slow and complicated to use.

If you've been frustrated with the status quo and looking for a Citation Machine alternative, look no further. BibGuru is a modern, simple and accurate citation maker here to take away your pains.

Here's what makes BibGuru your better choice comapred to Citation Machine:

πŸš€ Fast

BibGuru strives to be the fastest citation tool out there giving you time to focus on the why and what to cite instead of how to cite.

😌 Completely ad-free

Ads can slow down your computer and open gates for Malware. In contrast to Citation Machine, BibGuru is, and will always be, a completely ad-free bibliography generator! There are no annoying distractions or extra clicks you need to do to work around all the ads that are part of the interface of EasyBib and other citation generators.

πŸ‘Œ Simple and intuitive interface

Creating a bibliography doesn't need to feel like a chore. While Citation Machine has become more and more complicated to navigate, BibGuru is as simple and intuitive as it can get. You can copy your references directly into your paper and create a bibliography as easily as never before.

πŸ₯‡ Most accurate citation data

The accuracy of your citations has an impact on your grade. Our tools run day and night polishing the metadata of millions of books and research articles to give you the most accurate citations possible. BibGuru is powered by a curated database of more than 100 million journal articles and 35 million books.

πŸŽ“ APA, MLA, Chicago and thousands of other citation styles

Whether you need a bibliography for APA or a works cited page for MLA, BibGuru has got you covered. Our team has double-checked every rule of those referencing guidelines to make sure BibGuru provides the most accurate computer generated citations to date.

The gist: why BibGuru is the best Citation Machine alternative

  • It's fast - giving you time to focus on your work
  • No distracting ads
  • As simple and intuitive as it can get
  • Thousands of referencing styles
  • Spend less time hunting down missing bibliographic data


πŸ“ Does BibGuru shows ads like Citation Machine does?

BibGuru does not show any ads! This way you can fully focus on your work!

πŸŽ‰ Do I need a subscription?

No, you can use all features of BibGuru for free!

πŸ–Š Is BibGuru reliable?

We do our best to provide the best automatically generated citations possible. You can sign up for a free account to keep your work safe.

πŸ“” Can I cite PDFs and websites with BibGuru?

Sure! BibGuru supports more than 70 different reference types including books, book chapters, research articles, conference papers, videos, and PDFs. Just paste the URL and BibGuru will extract the citation data directly from the web site.

πŸ“š Can I import my Citation Machine generated bibliography?

Not yet, but we are working on this feature! Sign up for our newsletter to get an alert when the Citation Machine import is ready.

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